for you


Treat yourself to something good

We wish you more beautiful moments in your everyday life. Every day we do our best to make that happen.

Enjoy every day. What sounds simple is often terribly difficult. There are the long to-do lists, the private worries, the professional tasks, there are your own principles that you want to live up to, the expectations of others that you want to - or even have to - fulfill.

The beautiful moments and the good feelings can quickly get lost and forgotten in everyday life. They are the ones that give us the energy for everything else.

We want to make sure that you can enjoy the pleasurable things more often again. By making it easy for you: We have the place for it and we have time for you.

| At our café, you order and pay digitally, leaving more room for personal contact and conversation.

| We value details and appreciate the little things.

| You can always feel welcome here, and also a bit like being at home.

| We make no distinctions: All of our guests are our guests, regardless of how they look and how they see themselves, where they come from and where they still want to go, what they can or cannot (yet) do.

Thurn & Taxis Palais, Frankfurt